About Heritage Health Fund


Heritage Health Fund (formerly known as IGI Medical Aid Fund) was formed in June 2009. Originally it was a closed fund offering medical aid cover to the Heritage and Kuchi group employees. In November 2011 the Fund was transformed into an open fund offering medical aid cover to the general public.

The Fund is part of the Heritage Insurance Group which consist of four companies namely Heritage Insurance Company, Heritage Health Fund, Heritage Life and Donhodzo Funeral Finance Company. There is a Board of Trustees that is overally responsible for ensuring the effective management of the Fund and below the Board there is the Chief Executive Officer and the management team.

Heritage Health Fund offers traditional medical aid products which have benefits that have been specifically developed to assist the member in reducing the financial burden consequent upon illness. The fund also puts emphasis on broad access to healthcare as a very important priority.


To be the preferred healthcare funder with a dominant market presence.


To provide broad access to quality healthcare solutions that promote wellness.


  • Security
  • Sincerity
  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty