Our Schemes

Our care for customers extends to the services we offer. We understand the different needs of different individuals. Our Fund offers the following unique packages:


The Platinum package is a premium service that is designed to give maximum access to health benefits covered by the policy. The Platinum package comes with full private hospital cover and access to a private suite in medical institutions that offer them, awarding beneficiaries the opportunity to recover under the best possible conditions.


The Gold package offers a comfortable environment to all its beneficiaries through full private hospital cover with access to a private ward.


This exceptional package offers full private hospital cover with access to a maximum of a two-bedded ward and excellent health care.


Access to high-quality services in private hospitals starts from the Bronze package.The Bronze package offers access into a general ward in Group B, C, D & E private hospital.

Bronze Lite

Bronze Lite is a reliable package that offers access to private hospitals in Group C, D & E facilities. Hospitalisation is up to a maximum of 5 days per single admission.


The Zinc package brings affordable health care, with access to government, mission and municipal hospitals.